Third Time's a Charm

Yesterday I received my edit copy of my forthcoming book, Cretin Boy, from Burning Bulb Publishing. This is the copy that sets the formatting and allows me to check things out for any final edits. Like the first two memoirs, this is a little surreal, but something I am getting used to with each new book. I must add that the coolest part of all of it is seeing my name at the top of every other page. 

I done wrote a book, Ma!

There was a time not long ago (10 years or so) that the thought of publishing one book was not even in my sights. Now, three books in, I guess I can say I've arrived. I always refer to my "sub-atomic micro fame," which is all it is, but it is still extremely gratifying and I am just glad to be at this point on my writing journey.

One subject that came up from my publisher was the idea of an audio book. The publisher gave me a contact to see if I could get a quote. I contacted the guy and he gave me a quote at around $1800. That amount is actually quite reasonable, and while I would love to have an audio book, I simply cannot justify it given the economy and things like return on investment.

It is sort of sad, as I've always dreamed of having one of my books as an audio book.. Over the years I've had a few people ask if mine were available on audio.  Because this one is so within reach, I hate to miss out on it, but it would require selling around 300 audio books to pay for it. It is one of those situations where I wish I was independently wealthy. I would do it in a heartbeat. People who travel a lot, have a long commute or eyesight issues could benefit, but alas. I haven't ruled it out, but the stars would have to align to do it. 

That said, if any of my writing friends need a good audio book narrator, hit me up and I'll send the contact.

With that decision behind me, all that remains is the cover design, galley review and getting it online. I hope to schedule a virtual release party sometime probably in early December. The cool thing about that is many people who couldn't normally attend an in-person reading/signing could attend a virtual one. It will be untested ground for me, but such is life in 2020, I guess.

So, keep your eyes open on Facebook, Twitter and this blog for updates and release dates.

Blogging off...


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