Sagitarians Unite!

 December is about as busy a birthday month as I can think of. Mine falls in a couple of days on the 11th. I'll be 59, feeling 29, looking 68. Ha!

In addition to mine though, my brother Paul's is December 2nd, my little brother from the Big Brother's program is December 4th, Donna's is the 7th, my niece Giana's was the 5th (I think), my stepfather's is the 18th and a couple other friend's were today and the 21st. 

Next to April, I don't know of that many birthdays clustered so tightly.

It seems like the older you get, the more it is just another day. Because our birthdays are so close together, Donna an I usually go out to dinner with a couple of good friends as kind of a tradition. Covid killed that  and everything else good and positive this year, so as a substitute we ordered pizza for he birthday on Monday. It wasn't the same, but a nice evening just the same. (She's 6 years younger than me, but she is catching up. ;-)

Anyhow, this year signifies my last in my 50s and I'm not sure how I feel about that. As I say, I feel about 29 most days, but that can change in a heartbeat. For instance, I saw today that a colleague from the world of GIS passed away today at the age of 65. These early age deaths always throw me into a spin. That is only 6 years away for me! Of course I'm planning to live into my mid-80s, so 65 is unacceptable. I have things to do.

If I had to pick a most memorable birthday, it would be my 30th. It was a surprise party at my mom's house in St. Paul. I was somewhat suspicious because her phone kept ringing all day, but by the time we got home from dinner, I was off the scent and was totally surprised by all the people that had shown up. It was a great night with family and friends. 

In some ways my 30th was harder for me to accept than my 40th. It was the realization that I would never be certain things, as I was apparently too old. I wish I was back at that age looking at where I am now, I would have had a better outlook. I am happier now than when I was 30. 

So, as we move toward Christmas, just remember to wrap those December birthday gifts for your friends in BIRTHDAY paper, not Christmas wrap. It matters. Ha!

Blogging off...


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