Writing For My Life

Lots of stuff going on in the writing realms lately, so I will try and give a quick rundown. 

1. Personal sales of my new book, Cretin Boy have been strong the past couple of weeks. I am extremely grateful for everyone who purchases from my personal stock, as it is significantly better for the author than an Amazon sale. I have been making trips to the post office every few days lately and it is all with a heart full of gratitude.

2. To help with personal sales, I've recently created an online store using Square, which has made ordering books much easier for people online and gives them the opportunity to get my books signed and shipped to their house. Check it out here. 

3. As part of my giveback for Cretin Boy, I am donating a portion of each personal sale to Cretin-Derham High School. In part due to the strong sales, I was able to make that first donation today. It feels good to give back!

4. I have signed up to be part of a panel at the Deep Vally Book Festival in southern Minnesota this March. This festival is virtual, unfortunately, but I am happy to be able to get my name and books into a Minnesota venue. You can check out my page here.

5. Mary Ann Grossman, a book reviewer at the St. Paul Pioneer Press has agreed to do a book review of Cretin Boy, much like she did with The Portland House and Dirty Shirt. I am lucky to have her wonderful support.

6. I had an essay accepted for inclusion in an international anthology about racism. Kistrech Poetry Festival, based in Africa is including my essay, Twin Grieving From Different Mothers. I love getting my work into the hands of people across the globe. 

7. I'm still forging ahead on my work in progress about cabin life. A nonfiction account of most of the cabins I've been to over the years. Lots of inspired thoughts.

8. For what it's worth, and that's not a lot, Cretin Boy is currently ranked 69 in the Educators Biographies categories. Now, only if I were an educator. LOL.

So, that is just some of what is going on literarily. It's hard work of course, but I can't imagine not doing it.

Blogging off...


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