Ever wonder?

Ever wonder why it is that every time I go to the blog start page and sign in, I click the "remember me on this computer" box under the password, but it never does remember me? What's even weirder is that I continue to click it. Like it will magically fix itself and actually remember me. They say a sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Well, I'm no Pavlov, but...

As I'm walking the dog tonight I'm thinking, you know I'm interested in the people driving by, what they look like, the cars they're driving, but you know what? Toby doesn't care about any of that. He only cares about the residual dog smells on trees, tasty leaves and trash tidbits that tend to be in his path. He cares nothing about the tricked out Chevy Impala SS burning by, or the ghetto-mobile blaring hip hop/rap (what's the diff?) Dogs are so shallow that way.

It's my daughter's 12th birthday tomorrow. She's having a "sleep"over tonight with 5 of her friends. That would explain my being able to blog uninterrupted.

To say that the least, the giggling and chatter is mind numbing. If I had a nickel for every time they said "like" I'd retire early.

12 years ago tonight (3:20AM) was the beginning of one of the happiest days of my life. To witness her birth from behind home plate, so-to-speak was quite an awesome experience. God gets all the credit for the miracle of childbirth that's for sure. I can remember holding her for the first time and thinking she was the most beautiful thing alive. (Still is...Ben too!) Later that night I got to drive home in a blinding snow storm in my little Civic all while balling like a baby. A great trifecta there. One not recommended by the National Traffic Safety Board.

The weirdest part of that whole first child experience was when we were loading her into that same Civic the next day. (Actually the hospital meal they gave Donna was pretty weird too, but I'll save that story for her.) When I had to move the seat to load the baby seat into the back of the car it was just so strange. I thought, hmmm, it's not just us two anymore, is it? Well, I've been sweeping up goldfish crumbs and extracting sucker sticks from door handle wells ever since. Lets just say the mystery has diminished a bit.

The movie must have ended at the "sleep"over because the rattle and hum is increasing. This can only mean that I will be either interrupted soon, beckoned to help with something or too distracted to think coherently. So, I'll blog off for now. It's the weekend though so I plan to blog tomorrow and Sun. with a little help from God. ;-)

Happy birthday Sarah Jess!



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