Post Halloween Musings

I hope to get back into writing on this blog, at the urging of my lovely bride, goes. Check back frequently if you like. At a minimum, I'd like to get to it on weekends. More if my kids let me on this 'puter. Yeah right.

I had to run out to get gas, return a movie and get dog food and milk. So I'm at the gas pump today and I do it all using a debit card. I get to the end, and of course I'm in a hurry and it beeps and says "Print Reciept?" I click yes and it reads out "Printer Error". I thought it was funny because I really didn't need another receipt flopping around the car to go with the other 3 old receipts, the peanut M&M wrapper and the 37 cents and two capless pens floating around the console. So to the poor lackey who made a crappy printer for the Speedway pumps, I say "thank you".

So then, I get to the grocery store and that's always like a kid in a carnival for me. I used to go shopping with Donna as our "date nights" back when we were kidless. It was fun, almost romantic. Now she does all the shopping and when I go in it's alone, and not romantic in the least. It's kind of like hunting. Get in, shop to kill, get out. Minimize your time spent in any one aisle.

So I'm looking for dog food. Donna told me Iam's smart puppy was the brand I was supposed to get. Did you know there is dog food for;

1. Aging dogs
2. Large Breeds
3. Puppys
4. Dogs in their "early years" (I wonder if it's early "dog years" or early human?
5. Overweight dogs
6. Tartar control

What's next, food made from organic, free ranging poultry? Sensitive teeth? Food for manic depressive dogs? Dogs with bulimia?

We have far too many choices in this world. It used to be either Kennel Ration or Gravy Train, now we have to take our dog to a shrink to see what kind of food he's comfortable with. This coming from animals who return to their vomit.

Why now, everytime I put on my jacket, one of the pockets has an empty dog poop bag in it? What have I come to?

I'll try and write again tomorrow in between football and walking the dog.



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