News from the engine room

A beautiful day in Milwaukee today. Mid-50's and no wind. Not bad for the 11th of Nov.

I'm trying to dream up some trivia questions for my 3rd grade Boys Club gym activity this coming Tuesday. I'm in charge of games and have come up with an "intellectual" relay. Combining physical strength and speed with team-based trivia question answering. It's not dodge ball, but I never professed to be a gym teacher. The kids would likely prefer bashing each other in the heads with dodge ball anyway, but we're discouraged from falling back to that every week. So trivia racing it is!

I do love leading Boys Club, but it really is one of the most functionally disorganized organizations on the planet. There was a classic case of this last week. I heard nothing about what we were doing that week. The schedule we were handed out at the beginning of the year had what we were supposed to do, but we had done that the week before.

So, thinking logically I figured we would be doing the prior weeks lesson. So, I prepared for that on Monday night. On Tuesday morning, I get a one line e-mail that we're doing a lesson that is not on any sheet.

It is all very well intentioned, and I love the messages at most meetings, it's just that at times it seems that the kids drew up the agenda and the adults are trying to decipher the chicken scratching.

My daughter got an IPOD for her 12th birthday using mostly money she had saved or been given as gifts. It likely means I'll be heard less and likely be hearing less from her. Neither of these are good things. It was the only thing she wanted though and I have to admit they are kind of cool. As a music lover, I'd like one for myself, but can't see spending that kind of green on something no bigger than a wallet. Now, maybe a shuffle...

Well, I'm whipped tonight. Feel like a truck ran over me. So I will keep this brief in hopes that tomorrow I am more inspired.

Blogging off...



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