Mid-Continental Reflections

I sit in a Microtel in Kearney, NE a humbled man. You see earlier today I visited my brother in the hospital in Rochester, MN. He is recovering from a major surgery (actually 3 surgeries) to remove a tumor from his back, ribs and spine.

He was sleeping when we came in and took a minute to recognize us all. In fact he called me Paul at first.

It was so incredibly moving to see him, talk to him and laugh with him. It's been killing me not being able to get to see him until now, and so Donna and I agreed we'd make a side trip on the way to CO to go see him. What was so moving was to see this sibling who's always been big and strong, so frail. It was humbling because I know as much as I saw him there, I knew it could just as easily be me. The 600 stitches in his back and side, could just as easily be my own.

How would I react? How would I cope? How would it change my outlook? It sounds like it's certainly changed his and it put things in a whole new perspective for him, as I imagine it would.

All I can say is, I am SOOOOOO glad I took the time to see him. I think it was great for the kids and Donna as well. The kids were great and sat quietly the whole time. Sarah broke down at the elevator, as I suspected she would. It's got to be a tough thing for them too; to see their normally healthy, happy uncle in such straits.

In short, he's a tough dude and he'll pull out of this as strong as he's able. Of that I have no fear.

In the van afterward, a song came on my Ipod by Midnight called "Time to heal" where the tag line is, "Now...is the time....to heal"

I thought that about summed it up.

I also discovered it's hard driving with tears in your eyes. On to Colorado. More from there.

Blogging off...


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