Zeroing in on Perspective

It has been a trying two days for me as I have been thinking about my brother who is undergoing multiple surgeries for a chondrosarcoma tumor on a bone in his back. He endured 8+ hours of surgery yesterday, and is up against 12 more tomorrow. The details include removing a couple of vertebrae as well as two baseball size tumors. There's much more to the procedure, but suffice it to say, it will set him back a couple of months.

The whole sibling empathy thing really kicked into gear yesterday when I was getting reports from my other brother and Rob's wife. I guess we've come to the age where this kind of crud happens, while it seems like only yesterday we were 23 and invincible.

In any case it's been an eye opening experience for EVERYONE involved. The emotional toll it must be taking on his wife and kids must be immense. I keep telling everyone he's a tough dude and that he'll get through it, but that's only to soften the sadness I feel for what he must be experiencing.

It is just another reality check for me with regards to the whole "life in the balance" theme that seems to be resonating in my head lately. There are people dying who shouldn't be, people going through traumas who don't deserve it and people with great sicknesses that always took care of themselves.

It has come to my frank attention that life is to be lived day by day, and perhaps even minute to minute. Appreciate that smile, those clouds, that dog kiss, that touch from your kids or spouse, that sunset, that vacation, that moment with God in worship on Sunday. Appreciate it all because it could be a clouded, mystery in your alzheimic mind tomorrow. I don't mean to sound morbid, but these are the things that are being revealed to me in these middle age years.

Well, before I get too much more philosophical, I'll sign off. I will be in San Diego, CA for a week, so likely will not get a post in until I return. Thanks for watching and remember what I said about appreciating each day, each moment. It's a beautiful day; don't let it get away...

Blogging off...


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