Dreaming of Warmer Days

Woke up today to a 2 inch snowfall and wanted to scream. As I was laying in bed, I thought I'd heard a snowplow go by and thought, what the heck? It was raining pretty hard last night and must have switched over to snow at some point. Needless to say, I was shocked and dismayed at this new "beautiful" snowfall on the ground. I am so ready for it to stop.

Top this off with the fact that I have to get in shape for the American Cancer Society's 5K run in Madison in a few weeks, and well, I'm sick of winter. I don't want to run on ice with mittens on. Not fun. Perilous, yes. Fun, not so much.

Feeling all of this cabin fever rage, I felt compelled to go to Gander Mountain today and look at Musky rods. I 've been fairly obsessed with getting a new rod, despite only fishing for them once a year, but hey, I have to obsess about something, right? Doesn't everyone? Besides, I have some money burning a hole in my pocket, so that drives me too.

I'm looking at the St. Croix Triumph rods. They're a nice mid-level rod. When I say mid level, I'm talking about $130.00. That's midway between insanity and lunacy, but as I said, I'm obsessed. The clerk at Gander Mountain actually pushed me toward the Gander Mountain model which ran $40, but I wouldn't bite, in a manner of speaking. The $40 one is probably all I need, but it felt like a $40 rod. The St. Croix felt like a musky rod should feel. It's like casting with a telephone pole. Nice and sturdy to hold those honkin' big lures.

Now the other end of the insanity is the St. Croix Premier rods. These run about $180, and are even nicer than the Triumph's. Furthermore, they're made in WI, unlike the Triumph's which are made by the same company, but are manufactured in Mexico. There's something to be said for keeping all the $ in the USA, but a man has his limits. As I told a friend, maybe some of that money will trickle down to the workers in Park Falls, WI. Or maybe not, but in any case, it's at least a Wisconsin based company.

My brother Paul and my friend John both have the Premier rods and swear by them. They both fish a lot more than me, esp. for musky. Furthermore, they both have exquisite, expensive taste. I always trend toward the more conservative spending...in case any of you who know me didn't notice.

I'll report back when I've actually pulled the trigger on my purchase.

Last night was spent shuttling kids here and there. First Sarah to work, then Ben and three friends from skateland to home to pickup an overnight bag, then back to a friends house for a sleepover. I need to put a meter on the dash and a light on top of the van. Yellow taxi disguised as a white Kia Sedona.

Tonight dinner with friends. Life is good.

Blogging off...


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