Grounded Perspectives

It's been another weekend of reflection for me. Not too much going on around the house, so lots of time to think, write and ponder. My brother's situation continues to help me shift priorities, realize what's important and take time for meaningful conversations with friends and family. I talked to my Mom on the phone tonight and she said that everything in her life right now has become meaningless, except her family and her friends. That's about where I am right now.

I was telling her that things like the Madison mess certainly command my concern and attention, but only for a brief moment each day. I will keep that kind of crap, and that's really what it has become, in perspective. Small things in the big view. To some the issues have become all consuming. It is what they live and breathe from day to day, week to week.

Don't get me wrong here. I am glad there are people out there championing their cause, because there have been some travesties pushed through the Legislature these past few weeks. But right now, and likely into the future, these are very small things to me. As I've said to many people, all I can do is sign my petitions and recall votes, and sit back and wait. That's all I have emotion and time for right now. There are bigger things in my life, including my brother and my work with the Middle School Ministry. Faith, Family and Work, in that order.

Today I got quite a surprise when I went to Gander Mountain to get my Musky Rod. I walked in the door and they had a display of fishing rods that said 25% off. I checked a few out and lo and behold there was the exact St. Croix Triumph 7'6" Musky Rod that I looked at last week. I couldn't believe my eyes. I got it up to the counter expecting the guy to say that it didn't have an orange tag on it, but he didn't. He'd seen me looking at them at the 25% off display and rang it up as $97 or so. It was a sweet deal. Waiting one week saved me $33.00.

The whole daylight savings switcheroo kicked in today and I am exhausted. We were up till midnight last night which is actually one o'clock, which is actually three thirty AM for those close to fifty years old. :-)

So I'll close again with reminding you to appreciate each day. Put every worry and concern in it's proper place in the big picture. Love your kids, hug your spouse, work hard at your job, build up your boss, do your best, and give all the glory to God.

Blogging off...


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