A Milepost Up Ahead

I was out running today training for the American Cancer Society Run in Madison in a little over a week. It was such a nice day out 45+ degrees and sunny, that I was determined to make it count. So, after walking 3.5 miles to and from work, I come home and run. Earlier in the day I committed to finishing the full 3 miles, just to get it off my mind that I'll never be in 3 mile shape by the time of the run. I set off and felt pretty good most of the way. When I got in the house I was surprised to find that I had finished 3 miles in 24 minutes. An 8 minute mile is pretty good for an old guy.

As I labored through some of the tougher stretches of the run, I thought of Rob and it kept me going. I thought of how he would give anything to be able to run anywhere. It was very motivational in a weird, sad kind of way. I honestly can't imagine life without him around. My hope now is that his Celebration of Life party on April 17th is a GREAT experience for him. I hope he's in good health and spirits on that day and that it's all he hopes it is. He deserves at least that much. Like my brother said, he's been kicked in the face too many times, he deserves this party. Give us all that much.

On a different note, Ben got a phone last night. He's been bugging us for a while, and to his credit, he is away from home much more than Sarah is, and she has a phone. It would be a long summer for Donna if he didn't have one. Turns out he got a Samsung for only $20 and then it's only an additional $10/month on the plan. The clerk tried to sell Donna the internet plan for an additional $30 per month, but she didn't bite. (Good woman!) It will give us all peace of mind knowing that we can reach Ben and is a bit of a reward for getting his grades up.

My writing instructor was on Milwaukee's "Morning Blend" show on WTMJ 4 today. The interview was about her book and her studio and though short, was still a good plug for her. Give it a watch.

This weekend will be busy. Tomorrow night I'm chaperoning the Mosaic Masquerade Dance at church. That goes from 6-10 PM. Then at 7:30 the next day, I'll be a bus captain on the service day project for Elmbrook Serves. Sunday is church and then we're having good friends over for an afternoon dinner, Tapas style. I think I'll just camp out at church from Friday afternoon until Sunday and save some gas. It's all good and all God, all weekend!  If I don't get a post in, you'll understand why.

Blogging off...


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