114 Reasons Why I Love Fatherhood

While rummaging through the basement the other day I came across the list below in my "keeper" box of things my kids made for me when they were young. This was one of Sarah's school assignments and is titled  114 reasons why my dad is "souper" (sic). I thought it appropriate for Father's Day and is a great expression of why I LOVE being a father. (Note: Spelling errors are all original. My comments are in parentheses.)

  1. He reads to me.
  2. He lets me have desset. (As long as I get some too.)
  3. Me makes good stuff. (This can't mean cooking)
  4. He loves me.
  5. He pushes me on the swings. (Precious times)
  6. He nice.
  7. He tuched me in. (After Goodnight Moon, every night)
  8. He aways there for me. (Slay me)
  9. He makes map for us. 
  10. He tells me jokes. 
  11. He takes me to the park. (Miss those days.)
  12. He plays games with me
  13. He eats breakfast with me.
  14. He takes me to spesial plases. (OMG this is killing me.)
  15. He draws pichers with me.
  16. He tells me how to write word. (Singular words only, evidently)
  17. He gives me ideas. 
  18. He lets me do things I want to do.
  19. He takes me to the zoo.
  20. He makes me hot cocolate in the winter. (Hot chocolate and cocoa combined!)
  21. He helps me plant things. (And then neglects them until they wither and die.)
  22. He takes me to the movies.
  23. He takes me on the plane.
  24. He starts snowball fights.
  25. He lets me stay up. 
  26. He take me out to eat. (There's that cooking thing again)
  27. He's a speisal dad. (OMG, does it get any better?)
  28. He likes me. (One would go as far to say that I even love her.)
  29. He lets me talk on the phone.
  30. He rides bikes with me
  31. He hug me when he gets home. 
  32. He lets me have snacks. (Cooking? Nope.)
  33. He helps me with projets. 
  34. He plays Jinga with me. 
  35. He runs with me.
  36. He watches movies with me.
  37. He counts with me
  38. He takes me to church.
  39. He goes shopping with me. (Only against my will)
  40. He dances with me. (It's true. I did!)
  41. He walk around the block with me.
  42. He makes forts for me. (When I first read this I thought it said farts. LOL!)
  43. He buys me toy. (Lets keep it to one.)
  44. He makes me cookies. (I do? This one is one of those lost memories.)
  45. He buys me candy. (One for her, one for me.)
  46. He jogs with me. 
  47. He takes care of me. (Wow. Straight to the heart.)
  48. He's funny. (It's true.)
  49. He reads adult books. (I told her never to tell anyone about that!)
  50. He's happy. (Funny what your kids pick up.)
  51. He's silly. (Also true)
  52. He takes me on long trips.
  53. He make  book by writeing. (Someday...)
  54. He likes home. (It beats work.)
  55. He likes football. (The only sport that matters.)
  56. I like my dad's cloathes.
  57. I like my dad. (Whew!)
  58. I like the way dad dresses.
  59. I like his handwriting. (That makes one.)
  60. He likes to do work. 
  61. He is good at his job. (Enough said!)
  62. His job is to make maps. 
  63. I like his dinner. (Okay, she's starting to get delusional)
  64. My dad sings in the sower. (Now, this is news to me. Again, it's funny what kids pick up.)
  65. My dad knows math. (Oh yeah, I've figured out this 2nd grade math thing.)
  66. My dad colets golf clubs. (Got a couple wooden shaft Bobby Jones'!)
  67. We play hide-and-seek.
  68. We play tag.
  69. My dad fixed our tolit. (Mathematician, plumber, yep, that's me.)
  70. He put in a new door.
  71. My dad is good at scaring me. (Now they scare me. Sweet justice.)
  72. My dad knows long words. (It's true.)
  73. My dad watches TV with me.
  74. My dad likes hokky. (The only other sport that matters.)
  75. My dad likes TV. (We just dropped cable a month ago and haven't bought an antenna yet. I think I don't like TV.)
  76. He loves chicken.
  77. My dad likes my mom. (I would go so far as to say really, really likes.)
  78. My dad ripped down the garage. (It was a shed, attached to the garage, but it's true.)
  79. My dad is good at getting cuts. (Okay.)
  80. My dad has a friend named Chris.
  81. My dad likes to play outside. (Just ask my mom)
  82. Sometimes my dad eat grill cheese.
  83. My dad likes dragons. (Oh, oh, the secrets out!)
  84. My dad watches to much TV. (Must've been written on a Fall Sunday Afternoon.)
  85. My dad loves flower. (Did I mention he loves football, guns and spitting too?)
  86. My dad is maired. (To a horse, evidently)
  87. My dad likes our house. (And everyone in it.)
  88. My dad plays soccer with me.
  89. My dad likes cat. (Tastes like chicken)
  90. My dad has lots of friends. (So there.)
  91. My dad likes dogs. 
  92. My dad eats meats. (But only cats.)
  93. My dad plays ball. 
  94. My dad bilds things. (I do?)
  95. My dad likes working on the computer. 
  96. My dad likes julry. (And football, and spitting, and...)
  97. My dad likes the flag. (Add patriot to mathematician and plumber.)
  98. My dad plays baseball.
  99. My dad likes Texas. (But he hates the Cowboys.)
  100. My dad likes Lions. (But he hates Detroit)
  101. I like looking at my dad. (OMG, someone get me a tissue.)
  102. My dad likes tapers. (Brazillian tapers at the zoo are a cool animal!)
  103. My dad likes teddy bears. 
  104. My dad likes bears. (That's more like it.)
  105. My dad likes befeers. (I think this is beavers, and, yes I do!)
  106. Dad like worms. (When they're in a fish's mouth, yes.)
  107. Sometimes I call him daddy. (Um, tissue please.)
  108. Dad calls me sar.
  109. Dad like toilits. (They come in handy)
  110. Dad like the number 7. (Only at the craps table)
  111. Dad has stinky socks. (Who doesn't?)
  112. Dad feet smell. (Hey, alright, that's enough of that.)
  113. Dad likes shells.
  114. Dad writes with pen. (It's true)
So there you have it, 114 reasons I am blessed to be Sarah and Ben's father. As a father of teens, I realize how quickly time has passed. There were long days when they were little kids that I thought I'd never see them become independent. Now, all I wish for is a little more dependence. 

To all the fathers out there, young and old, take time out every day to talk to your kids. Tell them you love them. Tell them 114 reasons you think they're "souper." If you do, maybe one day they'll remember that your feet smell.

Happy Father's Day!

Blogging off.


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