Pop and Percocet

I am beginning this post using my phone in the waiting room of my son's oral surgeon. He is having his wisdom teeth pulled and, like most medical visits, it is taking considerably longer than expected.

So, while i realize that this fact makes me kind of pathetic, the pop/rock/beat is soul sucking.

Its an hour later and now I'm wairing in Walgreens for his meds and I think they tapped into the same godawdul music stream as the dentist's. It's some sort of wellness bad joke, I think.

What is it about the world today that we MUST be assaulted at every turn by bad music? This includes movie theaters before the feature, sports events, restaurants, and the doctor's office. It is a milqiutoast slow death for me, like cut bamboo being rubbed across the back of my neck.

So, this post has been hijacked by bad pop stars and all I can do is thank the good Lord for the hearing loss I have. It's a small blessing, but hey, it's something.

I've never done a whole post on my phone, most of it one handed, but when you're dying an audiological death, you resort to extreme measures.

The drugs are ready, I may take a Percocet myself.

Blogging off, one handed, on my phone...


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