Desperate Rain

The rains of April have not disappointed this year. Coupled with the unseasonably cool spring we've had and everyone's just kind of in a weather holding pattern around these parts. Winter is surely behind us, but we're a ways from the warmth of summer too from the looks of things. It's enough to drive a person mad. At least we have the sunlight thing going for us.

On an unrelated, but equally despondent note, the Buffalo Sabres have officially been eliminated from the playoffs. After being in a commanding 3-2 game advantage, they dropped the last two games, losing tonight 5-2 to the Philly Flyers.

I don't pretend to be a huge Sabres fan. I am a huge Sabres-in-the-playoffs fan. It's kind of the same thing with the Minnesota Wild. If I watch a few games a season, that's a lot, though I follow their record in the standings. When the playoffs come around though, I'll try and watch both those teams, though the wild seem to miss the playoffs more than make them. Some would call me a fair weather fan. I like to think of it more as budgeting my time around the games that really mean something. Maybe when I retire I'll get a big, fat satellite dish so I can get every game by both teams and watch them all winter. Yeah right.

Ben went to a great indoor bike park today with a friend for spring break and had a blast I guess. The place is named Rays MTB and features a number of ramps and jumps that you can ride mountain bikes on. He texted and said it was amazing and that he had snagged a couple of free passes that have to be used before Sunday, so I know what I'm doing on Saturday I guess. As I look at it it's a great, athletic activity for him that he can do with his friends, so that's cool. It's a wee bit spendy at $30 for the day, $40 if you want to rent a bike. The boy needs a job.

Otherwise things are status quo around here. Writing class tomorrow. I was editing a bit last night and got to laughing at the story I was writing. I wondered if that made me a "bad writer", like a comedian that laughs at his own jokes. I don't think it does, it only shows that I'm having fun doing it. And after all that's what it's all about isn't it?

Blogging off...


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