Groundhog Day Everyday

I mentioned to Donna how every day seems like a repeat of the day before lately. Like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. It's like I'm living a Hollywood script that I've memorized to the letter. Sure, there are slight variances in each day that keep things interesting, but for the most part, Tuesday was a lot like Thursday.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not depressed or anything like that. Donna and I talked it through and attributed the fact that there's a cloud of sadness hanging over all of us. A cloud that makes the mundane tasks of life even more mundane, and the joy filled ones a bit muted. It's great to have her to bring me back to reality once in a while. Here I am thinking I'm the only one mired in my own sorrow, and she reminds me that we're all going through it and it will get better someday.

Writing group was great again this week; one of the high points of my week, every week. Kathie was in Chicago, so her husband taught the class. As usual, the stories coming out of the group are always so entertaining. A story about a teenage green witch, another about a boy who wanders into a fantasy land via his closet. Another woman is writing about a rock star named Nick that gets into a fight where a guy gets killed. The great thing about this group is that none of this stuff is real, yet it all reads as though it is. It's like reading 4 or 5 short stories every week.

Of course all of this is supplemented by some great tangents and dialogue from the various writers in the group. This week we got on a tangent about the word weenis, which is an actual word by the way. It led to some places you can only imagine, and was pretty much the end of any rational thinking in the group. Luckily it came at the end of the night.

Tonight it's just me and the dog. Ben's at a sleepover and Sarah and Donna are at work. I get lucky in that there's a Buffalo Sabres playoff game that I get to watch while I write and blog. It's been a thinking man's heaven really. Pizza, hockey and blogging. What more can a man ask for? Besides, the rain is coming down pretty hard. Not a nice day.

Time to move on to some BWCA editing.

Blogging off for now...


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