Life in Limbo

It's been a good week around these parts, but I'm ready for it to be the weekend. Had a GREAT night at Mosaic last Tuesday. I have got the best group of kids in my small group which makes my job much easier. We had a good discussion on what it takes to Live and Love like Jesus, our theme for the year. These young men really just want to hang with friends and be heard. If the talk is about spiritual issues, all the better. Many of them have legitimate, tough questions, and I don't always have the answers, frankly. Nevertheless, they're all trying to be the best kids they can and I have nothing but respect for every one of them. I am privileged to be leading them.

Last night was AllWriters which was good too. The group is up to about 12 people now, including Kathie the instructor. I really enjoy being around other writers and stretching myself as one. I brought three poems, only one of which I felt very good about. I hadn't expected to read, as I read last week, and usually it's an every other week thing lately. I got some great feedback on the two clunkers I had, and the one I felt best about, people liked a lot. Funny how you can tell when something is good versus not so good. People can pick the wheat from the chaff pretty easily.

My running has been going pretty well in preparation for the 5K in Madison on Saturday. I say pretty well because Monday's 3 mile run almost killed me. At about the 2.5 mile mark, I almost quit and started walking, but then, thinking of Rob and how he would kill to be able to be running, I was inspired to push on. I ran the last .5 and when I got to my house, I was gassed. I sucked wind as fast as it could get into my lungs. It was not my finest hour, to be sure. Despite all of the training I've done, I think my lung capacity must just suck or something. (Although today was much better.) Running is such a hit/miss thing. Some days you feel great and can run 3 without issue. Other days are not so good and I get gassed after .75 miles. I think it has to do with pollen, pollution, and your metabolism too.

My work on the Video Tribute for Rob is coming along well. I've hammered out the music a bit more and am actually going to be getting some more pictures from my sisters this weekend. I didn't have a lot of pictures of them with Rob, so they're looking at getting me more. Picasa is a bit flaky with regards to audio, but I think I've got that worked out. Up and Up!

Everything in my life seems to revolve around the April 17th date, and I am VERY OK with that. I can't tell you what I'm doing after that, but I know what I need to do before and I know it will be a Great day. I can't wait.

Blogging off for now...


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