Scary Passport Photos

Wow, I just got a good look at the photo on yesterday's post. Wooo, scary stuff. I needed to add it to my post in order to be able to add it to my profile. So from this day forward, I'll look like a man who's just seen a ghost, or discovered he left the baby on top of the car when he gets to work.

The picture reminds me of the old joke that if anyone actually looked like their passport photo, NO country would let them in.

Part of the reason I look so scared in this photo is because it was clipped from one of my Canada pictures where I'm holding a 32" northern. In other words, I am a bit scared in the picture, actually. Not of the fish's teeth particularly as much as whether it is ready to flop at the moment or not.

If you know Northern Pike at all, they're slimy fish to begin with. Throw into that mix the excited/nervous energy resident in the "catcher" and it makes for a tenuous mix, at best. Picture two grown men thrashing around a boat trying to save a slippery fish from flopping itself into a concussion or worse, a coma. (Fish Coma...Hmmmm...That's a good title for a book. Note to self.)

If anyone is interested in a free radio service that asks you a few of your favorite groups/bands etc., and then, as new songs come on, you can rate how you like them. Based on those ratings it uses over 200 criteria to try and tailor more of the music you like. It's an intriguing concept. Check it out at;

Well tonight's blog was a bonus (Any weeknight blog is.)

I've gotta run for now.

Blogging off,



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