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Legionaires Disease

Just got back from a 3 day GIS conference in Appleton, WI. Great stuff! Lots of great GIS applications, and knowledge transferrence. (Is that a word?) Those things are so jam packed with events, presentations, socializing and walking, that they are just draining. Draining! It's a good draining, but draining nonetheless. This conference has spurred me to writing a piece about, well, conferences. They are great venues for people watching, so provide great fodder for a piece. I also worked out for the first time on our new Y membership. I did 10 minutes on the bike, 10 on the stairs, ran a 1/2 mile, hit the weights and then shot some baskets. I was like a kid in a candy store. Couldn't decide what to do first. It felt great to get the bugs out of the system. Got a good sweat going. Can't wait to get it done the rest of the weekend. Life is so good and people need to take charge of their lives to see how good they have it. LIVE EACH DAY LIKE IT'S YOUR LAST! I'm exhauste

Crimes of the Heart

I just got out from the Waukesha Civic's production of Crimes of the Heart It was directed by my Brother in Law, Mark Neufang. The production was really well done, from start to finish. The chemistry among the three sisters was very natural and the whole thing was thoroughly entertaining. It takes a real gift to be able to get up in front of people and act like that. Lord knows I could never do it. We took the kids and they were great for the most part. Ben managed to let a toot sneak out, which of course got the other two giggling, so there were some, well, lets just call them uncultured moments. It was embarassing, but kind of kept the situation real, I guess. Tomorrow I shall ski again. Blogging off.

Midnight Madness

I crafted this poem last night when I couldn't get to sleep after watching the Olympics. Half Asleep Half-Pipe By James Landwehr The midnight ogre sat up in bed Unable to sleep for what in his head But Shaun White on his half-pipe Doing tricks into late night On night three of this stuff He wasn’t sleeping enough The harder he tried not to think about Shaun The more he tricked, it went on and on Up the pipe, pull a double cork Back down again, the master at work He’s smooth and swift, his balance he keeps I’ll bet late at night even Shaun White sleeps The ogre gets out of bed, there in his home I know what I’ll do, I’ll write a poem It’ll drowsen me up and ready me for Some good old sleep, and then I’ll snore He grabs a pen and wrests his muse Picks and chooses the words he’ll use And crafts a great work, only to find Words and diction caffeinate his mind. Corny as heck, eh? Oh well, that's what I get for sleeplessness! Blogging off...

Power Packed!

It was a full weekend for the family. I managed to get out cross country skiing three times at Minooka Park. Friday night was the warm up, 2 miler. Saturday brought on the BIG SKI of probably 5 or so, including 2 trips down the big hill. Weeeee!!!! Today brought a run of somewhere in the middle. Feeling a bit sore in all the usual ski places, (Inner thighs). I forgot how much fresh air, coupled with exercise can wear you out. I was whipped yesterday by 6:00 and today is not much better. Makes for good sleeping. We also went to Ben's Upwards Basketball game, on Saturday, . He played like a boy possessed and actually got two buckets. I was so proud, almost to tears. He is such a player. Not the most talented out there, but gives 100% at all times. He seems to really like it and when I asked him if he would like to do it again next year, he said yes. So that's really cool. Upwards is b