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Jon Grayson said...

Jim, I must comment and say WELL DONE. Loved "The Portland House: A 70's Memoir". Besides knowing you personally, many years ago, it was fun to read about a shy kid going to St. Lukes & Cretin, because that was me too. I do not believe you mentioned the movie "West World", but I recall Pete & friends returning home from that movie with these cardboard-made guns that had a paper contraption that simulated gun shots. You did mention other Western movies, which were still popular in the 70's. I recall when the wrecking ball demolished the old theater. Grand Ave was changing, but we did not realize how fast, or how Ma & Pa shops would give way to corporate-run places like Starbucks & Jamba Juice. Still, it was wonderful to read about places like Bobers, Hagerles, Reginas, & Red Owl. I also enjoyed the mention of W. Wescott as a coach with a big heart, and that you were a for-hire cancer supporter (cigarette errand boy-for-hire). Other things that made me smile: basement Mass at St. Luke's, the holy-yoga trifecta of stand, sit, kneel, and even confessing to God's agent, the priest. I too have learned it is good (even better) to have a personal relationship with God. Here is hoping you have great commercial success with this book. Other funny things, your infatuation with girls with same letter (Meg Madden--I knew her brother Joe and agree she was the cat's meow). On subject of kitties, I had to laugh about F(l)at Cat.