Power Packed!

It was a full weekend for the family. I managed to get out cross country skiing three times at Minooka Park. http://www.waukeshacounty.gov/page.aspx?SetupMetaId=10982&id=11090

Friday night was the warm up, 2 miler. Saturday brought on the BIG SKI of probably 5 or so, including 2 trips down the big hill. Weeeee!!!! Today brought a run of somewhere in the middle. Feeling a bit sore in all the usual ski places, (Inner thighs). I forgot how much fresh air, coupled with exercise can wear you out. I was whipped yesterday by 6:00 and today is not much better. Makes for good sleeping.

We also went to Ben's Upwards Basketball game, on Saturday, http://www.upward.org/ . He played like a boy possessed and actually got two buckets. I was so proud, almost to tears. He is such a player. Not the most talented out there, but gives 100% at all times. He seems to really like it and when I asked him if he would like to do it again next year, he said yes. So that's really cool.

Upwards is built around a Christian focus, with an emphasis on teamwork, sportsmanship, respect and faith. The games are started with a team prayer, and the boys are challenged to memorize scripture as part of their team practices. It's not "select basketball", but you know what? It's good enough for my kid. And you know what else? If it teaches him about teamwork and his God given abilities, that is a bonus to it all. He's in fifth grade.

The weekend was capped by going to Avatar with Sarah. It was an amazing movie that I would recommend. It was great spending part of the day with her. All in all a pretty good Valentine Day.

Blogging off to watch some of the Olympics.


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