Midnight Madness

I crafted this poem last night when I couldn't get to sleep after watching the Olympics.

Half Asleep Half-Pipe By James Landwehr

The midnight ogre sat up in bed
Unable to sleep for what in his head
But Shaun White on his half-pipe
Doing tricks into late night

On night three of this stuff
He wasn’t sleeping enough
The harder he tried not to think about Shaun
The more he tricked, it went on and on

Up the pipe, pull a double cork
Back down again, the master at work
He’s smooth and swift, his balance he keeps
I’ll bet late at night even Shaun White sleeps

The ogre gets out of bed, there in his home
I know what I’ll do, I’ll write a poem
It’ll drowsen me up and ready me for
Some good old sleep, and then I’ll snore

He grabs a pen and wrests his muse
Picks and chooses the words he’ll use
And crafts a great work, only to find
Words and diction caffeinate his mind.

Corny as heck, eh? Oh well, that's what I get for sleeplessness!

Blogging off...


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