Flash Update (No, not Flash Player)

The week is as crazy as I feared. I made it down to Sarah's game tonight. They played well, but lost two out of three. I was one of the few parents who made the trip. It was a bit ridiculous to drive all that way down for an hour, but I think Sarah appreciated it. I really enjoy watching the games though, in part because I love playing the game.

Mosaic leadership went OK on Tuesday night. It turns out my group had only 3 kids in it and two of them were from my old boys club group. They are good kids and I'm glad I listened to my heart and went and did it. It's really where I belong and it just felt extremely right. Funny how God works sometimes.

Writing workshop went well too. Got to hear from one of the new students who's writing Young Adult fiction. She's writing about kids entering into a closet fantasy world. I put forth three poems, two of which were crap, or so I thought. The class thought they were OK. The one I thought was the best was received as just OK. That'll learn me to keep my expectations low I guess. ;-)

Otherwise, same old stuff. Weird weather this week. 86 degrees today at 6:30. Kind of nice this late in the year.

The rest of the weekend is jam packed. I don't even want to talk about it. It'll all be good, I just don't know when I'm going to fit my writing for the week in. Maybe I'll print out my blog and bring it in.

I've been lusting after Dell laptops at the Dell Outlet site: http://www.dell.com/us/en/dfh/notebooks/ct.aspx?refid=notebooks&s=dfh&cs=22

As I see it the $ I earned from my article to BWJ, I am going to put toward a new, fully functional Windows 7 Dell laptop that has a battery with more than 30 minutes to it, and four gigabytes of RAM. I was a bit like a guy in a new car shop. "Oooohhhh, shiny!" These old XP laptops are great, but they've kind of whet my appetite for something better, so I think in the next few months I'll pop and get one.

I have my annual physical exam tomorrow. It's been over two years since I've gone, and I get Health Advancement Program points for going, so I thought I'd get it done. I can pull out my list of owies and rattle them off to the Doc. The good news is that I have no recurring issues with my back, so I can't complain.

And given that Ben spent time after school playing with a friend from his school who had a brain tumor removed 6 months ago and is still not doing well, well, lets just say that puts my elbow tendonitis in perspective.

We ALL (this means you) need to realize EVERY DAY how precious life is. Take joy in your good health. Relish time with your family (as they are growing up/old fast). Take care of yourself. Say you're sorry. Forgive, forget, live, dance, sing, play, run, and get 8 hours sleep. That's all you need to do, and you heard it here first. No extra charge today, because I'm blogging off...


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