Dude, Where's my Saturday?

Yesterday was a bit of a lost day. As it worked out, Sarah had a volleyball tournament that ran from 9:00 until 4:00 PM. Donna took that duty as I had to stay back and go to Ben's football game at Catholic Memorial at Noon. Ah, the joys of a being a two fall sport family.

As I was sitting at Ben's game, another parent asked me where Donna was. When I told them she was at an all-day tournament, they just kind of said, "Well, you got the better end of that deal, eh?" I had to agree. Though it was killing me not to be able to get to BOTH events. I really WANT to be there to support Sarah in her volleyball. Based on Donna's perception though, there weren't many parents that stayed for the entire tournament. I think we should be happy that both of the kids' events were covered by at least one parent.

Turns out the Waukesha South Freshmen Volleyball team didn't win any of the games yesterday. The only benefit of that was being able to leave after only 7 hours of action. Donna said they were a bit flat at times and need to work better as a team.

I was so proud this week when Donna showed me a sheet saying Sarah was one of the captains of the team. When I mentioned it to Sarah, she said "Yeah, captain for this WEEK." I guess they all get a turn at being captain and her turn was up. Then she got all cynical on me and said that being captain means you're in charge of setting up and taking down the nets and calling the coin flip at the start. Sounds like a chump assignment if you ask me. And why can't they just assign captains to the two best girls (or best leaders)? Are we that afraid of hurting feelings in this PC era, that we can't just call out a couple leaders?

Ben's 6th grade football team had a bit more success. They won 6-0 over the Catholic Memorial Crusaders. They scored their only touchdown on a 50 yard interception for a score. CMH actually had the ball as far down as the 14 at one point, but South held. So they're 2-0 and feeling pretty good about themselves. We'll see how they do next week versus a very good Waukehsa West squad.

Ben was upset that he didn't play more. It didn't help his case when on the first play they sent him in for right before the end of the half he didn't get set in time and was called for an illegal procedure penalty. In his defense, the receivers coach didn't send him in until the last second, and then it was sketchy which play was going to be called. Nonetheless, he needs to be cognizant of the urgency and get set.

It was not entirely his fault, but I think coach held him out for all but two other plays and kickoff duty. No one likes standing on the sidelines that much, so I don't blame him. I DID need to remind him to relish in the victory a bit. (He couldn't because he "didn't help them win") I said you blocked good on the two plays you were in, so you helped. Well, he didn't want to hear that either. Sigh...

Well, today is a glorious day outside, and the opening of football season, so I'm going to DVR the Packer game and take the dog to the dog park now so he can run his energy off.

Go Jr. Blackshirts! Go Blackshirts! Go Packers!

Blogging off...


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