The Ides of March

Most have probably given up hope that I'd ever write again. I know I had. It's been a busy, exhausting wintry February, and thank God it's over. March can only be better one can hope.

Where to begin...hmmm...

I think I'll start at today and work backward as far as the recall will take me. Sarah and I went out for a Dad/Daughter breakfast this morning. Denny's for a "Grand Slam" breakfast and really bad coffee. "A refill? Why yes thank you." Sarah's at that age where she was looking at the adult menu, but ended up ordering from the kids menu, the "alien pancakes" and apple juice. She's so big, yet so much still my baby girl. I love her with all my might.

Then, we went to Toby's first obedience class at the Humane Society. He was what you might call the disruptive dog. The Capstone dog, so to speak. The "No dog left behind dog." Eddie Haskell. Whining and biting his leash. Then 5 min. into class, he pee's the floor. He had moments of brilliance, coming for the instructor when she called, but for the most part he was just distracted by the other calmer dogs. We learned some good techniques, including hand cues, that we need to work on before the next class.

Later in the day I took Ben and a friend sledding and took Toby to the dog park. He was VERY good there and ran till he couldn't anymore. He'll get there eventually, he's still a puppy in so many ways.

Yesterday and Thursday was the WLIA (WI Land Information Association) conference. It was another successful, fun and informative conference. I am so blessed to be doing what I love in a field full of so many other good people.

Last Saturday was so nice out that I thought I'd go XC skiing. I had a blast, especially going down the big sled hill twice. Then, on the way back toward the parking lot I had a near-death. I was speeding down the final wind-y strech in a 1/2 tuck, enjoying the speed when a ski tip drifted out of the track. I didn't react quickly enough, and things started to get ugly in a hurry. I started to slowly, slowly slowly do the splits as I totally diverted from the main track. Then, as I approached the oncoming bushes, I bailed and fell down. Either that or I was felled, details are still sketchy.

Needless to say, after the crash, when I looked up and saw it was a thorn-bush, I thought, "Oh this can't be good." THere was much blood spitting (cut-lip) and ice/snow application to the scratches on my face. Donna said I looked like I had been attacked by a cat. It's healed up nicely now, all except my ego.

Well, we've got pizza and a movie planned, so I'll sign off for now.

Blogging off...until next time.



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