Chairman of the Board

Took Ben to the skateboard shop today to get his custom made skateboard. The thing actually cost $130 after all was said and done. It was sticker shock, to be sure, but he saved for it himself, so he was able to get what he wanted. He was SO happy, it was fun to watch. He played it cool when the owner was pointing out the various custom options.

It's like build-a-bear, without the corniness, and at a much higher cost. He picked out a board first (He got a Baker model, for what that's worth.), then picked out trucks, bearings, wheels and hardware. The "dude" at the shop then assembles it all while you wait, including the black sandpaper "grip tape" that goes over the top. It was a good male-bonding experience, in an urban, twenty-first century sort of way. Within a couple hours of getting it, he had some nice scratches on the underside, but that's all part of the deal. If you're not grindin' it, what'd ya buy it for?

Before we went to the skateboard shop, we had been at his Upward Basketball end-of-year celebration at church. It was loud with the ringleader making the kids and audience play silly games in the interest of calling it a party. In addition, it was the League leaders thanking everyone including the friggin' hot dog vendor for their part in the season. Then, the associate pastor had to do the same recognition.

It was thank you overkill, in my book. Can't everyone just do their job, and not need to be verbally acknowledged from the podium? I don't know, it just seemed excessive. Maybe I'm a stodge, but it just kind of reeked of the whole "everyone's a winner" thing you see so much of in the schools and culture today. Hey, even the friggin' parents are winners! Hey, the janitors too! And what about the guys who run the video board during the excessive celebration party?

OK, I guess I am a poop.

Last night we watched Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Don't ask why. It looked funny from the short preview, but was really kind of weird. It was a serious movie with some funny parts, instead of the reverse, like we thought it would be.

This afternoon, I worked out at the Y and it was awesome. I feel so much better after working out. Much more alert. I'd recommend it to any and all.

So, that's my weekend so far. It's all good.

Blogging off...


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