Book Store Tour Pending...

I got some great news again today. The Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters has accepted a poem of mine for publishing in their winter edition. It was quite a surprise, as I submitted it back in March. It seems most of these publications run about 4-8 weeks to even look at your work. It is my third acceptance in about four months, so I'm on what you might call a bit of a roll.

I find this fascinating because poetry isn't what I consider my first strength. (That would be creative non-fiction/memoir.) Maybe I need to listen to the experts and stop selling myself short on the whole poetry thing. I'm blessed to be able to do any of it and have it looked at by the folks who are kind enough to do so.

So it was a good day. A very good day.

I also played around with PCLinux (Gnome) on this laptop today. All of this playing around with open source is intriguing. I think there is an install in my future as I get comfortable playing around with the Live CD version (where it never really gets installed on your PC, it just runs from the CD.)

It will be nice to be free of the whole windows ball and chain.

Well, Letterman is on and I've gotta go. Blogging off till next time.


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