Another Year Gone

Tonight was the closing celebration for Mosaic Middle School ministry. We closed it out with outdoor dodge ball and the Talent Show. I've never played dodge ball outside, but it was actually kind of fun. Nice to be outdoors and there's something to be said for a wind advantage when you've got a 12 MPH wind at your back when you're chucking with all your might.

The talent show was a lot of fun. I have nothing but complete respect for every contestant in the show. I could never have the nerve to get up there in front of everyone and sing a song or dance. Maybe in a group of peers, perhaps, but never A Capella. Most were VERY good, and a couple were, well, not. Even the bad ones got good supportive applause. That's the beauty of Mosaic. It's all about building each other up, not tearing down.

It has been an interesting journey, this year as a leader in Middle School. I originally looked upon it with great trepidation, not knowing what to expect. I always thought "I'm not good with teens," but you know what? God said differently. All He asks sometimes is that you shut up and jump in. Then let Him help you and you'll be fine. It's been that kind of year for me. I was blessed with a great group of kids, well behaved and respectful. I got to keep in touch with Ben and yet not lead him, which was a nice change from Boys Club. It's not that I don't want to be with him, I just think it's good that he has another person to teach him through Middle School. I co-led him through Boys Club. Change is good.

If I could point out one thing I've learned this year from leading these young men, it's that these kids just want to be heard. They want your attention and approval. They want to learn more about God and how he fits into their life. Their bodies are changing, their emotions are up and down, and they're just looking to see where they fit. My job was to tell them that they are talented, gifted and valued. That was easy.

And so next week is the Leader Appreciation Dinner where some of the Student Ministry Team (SMT) actually serve the leaders dinner. I am going with Ben and it should be a good night.

Blogging off...


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