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It's a good time of year to be a Wisconsin sports fan. I'll admit I am pretty much a one trick pony when it comes to sports. I LOVE NFL football, but don't have a ton of time for the rest of sports. I'll watch the standings for all teams from WI and MN, but really other than pro football, I don't really care who does what. When the baseball playoffs start if the Twins or Brewers happen to be in them, I'll start watching, but don't really watch much more than the standings during the year. That probably qualifies me as a fair weather baseball fan, but you know what? There's only so many hours in a week. I feel guilty enough watching two Sunday games and a Monday Night game.

Basketball is even worse. Any game where they score points every minute just don't do anything for me. If I watch a game, it's only the last few minutes of one, because why watch the first 100 points? Again, fair weather? Probably, and I'm OK with that.

Now, I do enjoy the NCAA Tournament in March. Do I watch any games other than the one's Wisconsin and Minnesota (rarely) are in? No. As soon as the Wisconsin teams are out of it though I lose interest. I'll root for the teams from my bracket, but only from the standings in the paper. You won't see me tuning in to LSU vs. Oregon St.

Having laid that out there, I AM excited about the Milwaukee Brewers at the moment. It's been 29 years since they won a division title, so when they won it on Friday, it was fun to watch. I even registered online for the opportunity to buy tickets if my name was drawn from the lottery. I got notice on Saturday that my name was not drawn, but I would be eligible for the NLCS or World series if they get that far.

Now, this is a small market team that has built a pretty good club from the ground up. In 2008 they won the wild card almost solely on the arm of CC Sabathia. This team is a much deeper club in many ways. Their pitching can be suspect at times, but they have plenty of offense and know how to win at home. It would be nice if they could get home field advantage and help themselves out.

Meanwhile the Packers are starting hot as well at 3-0. Their wins have been ugly, but are wins are wins. I expect they'll go deep in the playoffs and be right in it at the end.

Then, the Badgers are 4-0 as well. Their first real test is this weekend vs. Nebraska, so we'll see what they're really made of soon enough.

To round it out Ben's Jr. Blackshirts are 3-1.

Until then though, I'm taking a baseball team with a playoff berth, two unbeaten football teams and my son's team on the right track and running with it.

Blogging off...


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