Increasing My Return On Investment

If you recall, I repaired my dryer about a week and a half ago. See Post. Well, I thought I should follow up the story with the rest of what happened.

The dryer worked for exactly two loads of laundry, then it stopped heating again. It was heartbreaking. Here I thought I'd been a hero and had fixed it for good. When it stopped working, I figured it must be something more than the three parts I replaced. I was ready to give up and just start saving toward a new one.

After reading online a bit more though, everything I read pointed to the Thermal Fuse being blown; in essence a $5.00 part. I also got to wondering if when I had fixed it last time if I had put an old part back in instead of the new one. I looked closer at the photo I had taken before I started the job, and sure enough, the piece I had taken out to replace, I had actually reinstalled. (Luckily I didn't throw out the new part).

So, first things first, I put the new (right) part in and tried the dryer. No joy.

Then I thought it might be worth one more shot at the $5.00 part, so I ordered one from Amazon. It came in the mail on Monday. I installed it on Tuesday and crossed my fingers. I also vacuumed out the vents extra clean because I heard that could be the cause for overheating and resulting in the Thermal Fuse shorting out.

I plugged the dryer back in (Yeah, I learned my lesson last time) and voila! Heat!

I joked with my wife after the last try that at a total of $90 for parts, divided by two loads, I was looking at about $45/load.

Well, she did 2 more loads today so I'm down to $22.50 a load. Every load from here on out brings that price down. When she gets to 90 loads, I figure the rest is gravy.

Until then I'll keep my fingers crossed and my electric screwdriver charged.

Blogging off...


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