National Poetry Month: Issue 14

As you might recall a few posts ago, I rambled on about people who are talented across multiple artistic disciplines. I went on to describe Mario Medina, an accomplished guitarist who also writes pretty mean poetry and some really good video production. Well, today's post features Marie Loeffler, who I would put into that same category of cross-disciplinary talent of poetry and music.

Today's poem is about a violin, which she teaches at a couple of local Universities as well as at Outpost Music, in downtown Waukesha. Keeping true to her style, the poem is minimalistic yet still paints a great picture. Thanks go out to Marie for submitting her poems to the April poetry blog roll.

Violin*                          by Marie Loeffler

Its wafer-thin face
reminds the little girl
of a graham cracker
but darker, ruddier,
as she gently glides
her tiny fingers
across the delicate,
ebony-pitted wood.

*Violin was previously published in the Echoes 2012 Anthology.

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