A Slightly Shorter Day Than The Longest Day.

A couple of days ago was the longest day of the year - the Summer Solstice. Sunlight stretches up to nearly nine o'clock this time of year and I try not to take it for granted one bit. I am a person who loves to live in shorts and sandals, so from late May until early September, that's what it is for me. I often refer to Summer as my favorite season of the year - until the really hot days when I swear that I love Fall and Spring better.

But I think Summer is really it. I love having the windows open all day and all night, usually with fans roaring. Donna often complains when I get home from work and start opening windows. I'm like a claustrophobic psych patient. I need my air!

The dog has a love hate relationship with the season, that is for sure. He longs to be on the porch where he can bark at passers by and go ballistic when the mailman comes. He does this regardless of the season. I swear he can smell his uniform.

At the same time, his dog hair makes him hot to the point where I'm sure he favors those cooler months. The other day I was walking him and he just laid down in the shade when we were 3/4 of the way around the block. Kind of looked at me like, "Nah, this is good right here."

I walk a little slower with the dog in Summer. There's not the sense of urgency that the other three seasons bring. There's more time to stop and savor the lushness of the greenery. It is hard to have a bad Summer day, and if the sun's out, forget about it. Life is too good.

Summer is when projects get done. We're currently undergoing a new walk and steps - a project I'll post about when it's completed. This is also one of those projects that is best done when there's no particular urgency to it - Summer affords this relaxed approach.

It's about weeds, and grass, and thunderstorms and watermelon. Picnic food, and fishing and trips out for ice cream. Mini golf, Drive In movies and trips up to the cabin.

I'm enjoying these long days and I hope you are too.

Blogging off...


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