List Killing

My wife and I have never been yard people. We do not enjoy "getting our hands dirty," planting or growing things, we do not have a vegetable garden, and most of our flowers are potted annuals that come from Aldi. 

The reason I bring this up is, we have a graduation party looming on June 10th. It is outdoors, for the most part. This means we have been spending the bulk of the past few weekends busting our tails to get the yard and the house in shape.

It's enough to push a person to small condo shopping.

If you're anything like us, you get comfortable in your home with things not working quite right. And there's nothing like 40-60 people coming into your house to make you see every one of those things. This turned the righting of the neglected into an obsession for both of us. Lists were made, tasks were assigned, weekends became a thing of dread (for the work involved) and trips were made to Steins, Home Depot, and Piala's Nursery.

Faucets, kitchen islands, light fixtures, drawer organization, closet cleaning, new furniture purchases, bushes, dirt, mulch, flowers, and general deep cleaning and tidiness. Whew! Are we there yet?

We're knocking the projects out one at a time, and I have to say, it feels pretty good. It gives a person a certain peace of mind to know that several projects that have been in the back of one's head are finally checked off. 

One of the bigger projects is the back patio. It is a 10' x 12' area and will be actually a kind of nice area to sit once it's done. 

And I think I'll sit there every night for a week and just catch my breath after the whole graduation is over. 

Blogging off...


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