Happy To Be Here

So as a few of my last posts allude to, I am powering through this winter trying with all my might to make it through to ice-out so I can get my kayak back in the water and find my zen. It is a grueling stretch of winter for me and my better half. We have each other to laugh through the looming "Winter Storm Warning." so that counts for something.

On Tuesday we got another 8-10 inches or so. I woke up early as I often do the night after a storm and set to work on the driveway and walk. About 3/4 of the way through the process, I twisted wrong and blew out my oblique muscle. It is right below my rib cage on the back side and I knew it was bad when I did it.

I treated it with ice, Naproxen and an Epsom salt bath. It seems slightly better today, but I suspect the healing will take a while.

But the untold benefit of it was that even in my pain, I realize how good my life is and how lucky I am. My wife was nice enough to finish up the shoveling and followed up a time or two as the snow kept falling.

And while I realize this is no fun, I also know it will heal and I will be fine. There's others with chronic pain who will not heal, so I am fortunate. I will take my good health less for granted when I am back to full strength.
Me, being happy.

Also, while winter is bad, it too shall pass. I have a house with a furnace, two cars and all the modern conveniences a person could want. I am content. I absolutely do not take for granted that I am among the top 10% of the richest people in the world. THE WORLD. Most Middle Class Americans are. I work hard and hope I can bless others along the way. But I also know how easily it can be swept away and hope I would still retain my joy and sense of urgency about every day I am given.

The other night I got a random text from my son that simply read; "Goodnight Dad. Love ya!"

My kids seem to know the best times to drop reminders of how much I am loved. I love the fact that they make it a priority, even after not hearing from them for a series of days. We're all busy, but never should be too busy to send a three word text.

I'm one of those guys that can also honestly say I love my job. I work with great people and we all maximize the others' skills. It is energizing to be around young, motivated co-workers.

I don't know why this post went this way. There are days, more and more frequently, when I just look around at everything that life has given me and am incredibly awed by how fortunate I am to be a part of the world today. Oh sure, the times are not perfect - the world is full of problems - but there is a whole lot, a WHOLE lot of beauty, and joy, and positivity and happiness around us as well. And I try and tap into that every chance I can get. Because life is short and negativity is life sucking.

I wonder if these realizations aren't part of some sort of mid-life crisis or something? Or does everyone experience them? I remember I was happy at 30, but I'm not sure I was this wistfully happy about just being granted another day, one at a time. That must come with grey hair and an empty nest.

In any case I'm going to run with it. Because it's February and spring is just around the corner.

Blogging off...


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