Today's Pandemic Top Ten Quotes

10 Quotes from the land of COVID-19 in late February

1. "Why am I so tired tonight?"

2. "I'm doing laundry, do you need your masks washed?"

3. "You know how I was going to try and stop drinking during the week? Yeah, no."

4. "I went to the coffee shop today and there was a group of women holding an unmasked book study. Maniacs!"

5. "It might be a frozen pizza night!" (Sometimes twice a week.)

6. "You should put your pajamas on and be done with it." (Quoting my wife at 5:30 PM)

7. If I have to sit through another Zoom meeting, I'm going to scream.""

8. "Your mic is muted!"

9. "How can you be 11 months into a pandemic and claim you don't have a web cam. C'mon, man!"

10. "I'm going to share my screen now. Hopefully this will work okay." (It always does. This is not a new technology. C'mon, man!)

The list goes on and on. I'd like to say we've turned the corner and that if you'll all just hang in there for another 6 months we'll be in the clear. Of course if I do that the virus will say, "Hold my beer," so I will refrain. 

But just remember that we're all in this together (cliche', but true) so just keep doing the right thing and wearing a mask, regardless of whether you've been vaccinated or not. We'll get there, eventually.

Blogging off...


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