Ridiculous Thoughts

It's been nearly a week and I've been negligent in my writing; something I vowed to do more of in '08. The first resolution down in flames in only 4 days.

Walking home from work today there was the most beautiful slate-gray sunset. Usually an orange or red sunset captures your attention, but this one was bluish-grey. Painted by God himself using a pallete of perfection.

Traffic was so loud it drowned out my Ipod. I hate when that happens. Trying to tune out the world only to be outdone by it. Grrr...

I saw a figure standing in a doorway as I was walking the dog. It was either;

1. A life sized Santa Clause
2. A hooded Monk
3. The grim reaper

Whatever it was/is it creeped me out. It was just standing there. I looked back once, but did not dare catch his/her/its gaze in case it turned out to be a hypnotic thingy. Weird, yes. Paranoid, certainly. I hope it wasn't the reaper. I'm a little busy tomorrow.

Gotta run for now. Will write more tomorrow, promise.

Blogging off...



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