Ahhhh, the Playoffs

It's that heartbreak time of year for many NFL fans. Fortunately I am not one of those heartbroken ones. I cannot believe the Packers who I didn't pick to win more than 7 games this year are one game away from the Super Bowl. I'd put the Vegas odds in the hundreds of thousands at the beginning of the season. Alas, here we are. After a 10 year wait, it's a good feeling, but I'm getting ahead of myself here. Don't want to do that.

We had friends over for the Divisional Playoff game last night and had a blast. Great game, great friends, and great food. Fellowship, laughter and joy. We are truly blessed to have good friends like Steve and Jill, Brad and Patty as part of our "Wisconsin Family". Dave and Grace and their 18 mo. old boy Joseph were here too and we got to know them a lot better as well. Good people, all of them. Very comfortable in each others' homes, we are. I think that's a Midwestern speechism, to put the subject at the end of the sentence. Oh, and is speechism a word?

The message in church today was "How do I manage my time?" It talked about how the pace of our current society is really a crisis that Christians in particular need to take a look at. We need to honor sabbath as a time of rest, to bring the needle out of the redline area. That is an area I've really tried to honor ever since the series on Jubilee. After all it is the fourth Commandment. Sabbath is hebrew for cease or stop. We've tried to make Sunday a day of rest and reflection. It's working for me so far.

The other thing the message drove home was how we need to determine what's important and try and keep the unimportant in perspective. That is why Donna and I have taken a new interest in spending time with friends and family. That to me is WAY more important than any material thing.

So, with Monday approaching like a freight train, I'd better log off and go spend some time with Ben reading before bedtime.

Blogging off....



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