Death, Dying and All the Good Life Holds

I've got our friend Susan's laptop as she dropped it off for me to try and rid it of it's nasty virus she picked up. It was called Internet Anti Virus Pro. What it would do is spoof itself as an anti virus scan program that gave false positives about viruses being on the laptop. After a little searching on google, I was able to download a program called Malwarebytes and it successfully removed the bug. It's amazing how you can pick up these nasties no matter how well your puter appears to be protected.

In any case, it makes the case again that I should start my own business of "last ditch computing" where people came to me because they couldn't get their puter working. I would attempt to fix it and my price would be related to the level of success I achieved. It would be way cheaper than computer geeks, but wouldn't come with any guarantees. I enjoy it to a certain extent, mostly because I think everyone should be allowed bug free computing. That and no one should be required to be know much more than they want to about computers.

Enough of that.

It's been a strange week. It began on Monday when I found out that my Aunt had passed away. She was 82 and had been sick for years. I made the trek back to St. Paul for the funeral on Wednesday. It was a sad occasion, but a great chance to see all of my siblings in one place for a short time. Pat even came from Redlands, CA.

Lots of intersting spiritual discussions through the course of it all. It's interesting to see the differences in opinion from people regarding death, creamation, religion, spirituality, salvation, forgiveness and the dying process.

That was followed by the Boys Club lock-in on Friday night at church. 60-70 boys plus many leaders and dads, running crazy on carbonated jet fuel and adrenaline for 6 hours. I was in charge of the fishing in the baptismal pond. It was and hour and 15 min of continual hook baiting, line untangling, cast avoidance and correction. No ER runs though, so I guess you could call it a success. Only one fish all night, a small rock bass.

One fishing reel was broken beyond repair by a boy who I guess I would have expected it from. He abandoned it of course with no remorse and got himself another pole. Sometimes you wonder what the parents of these kids do every day.

Otherwise, the event went great. Ben brought a friend and the two of them ran free most of the night. I got to shoot hoops for an hour and a half, so that was fun. (Hey I'm a boy too...)

Saturday we spent at 2 separate parties with 4 different couples. A fun night though strange in a way.

This morning brought 3+" of snow and Church.

Along the lines of death and salvation, Stuart Briscoe our pastor at Elmbrook gave a great definition of the Gospel message in 3 points, as he is so famous for. He said the Gospel is:


It's worth downloading at:

So, life is still good. The funeral, and spending time with my siblings and Mom showed me that life is so precious and being with loved ones is the best use of it. Don't sweat the small stuff. Material goods DON'T MATTER, believe it or not. Enjoy people. Laugh, Love, Live. Tomorrow is not a given. No one owes you anything. Love the creator who made it all, because you'll meet him sooner than you think. You don't want to go to heaven with alot of 'splainin' to do, in the famous words of Ricky Ricardo. At least I don't. That's my opinion and I'm stickin' to it.

Blogging off...



Hannah said…
Lamento a perda familiar e faça o que a sua mãe aconselha... tal como o ditado português: "A vida são 2 dias e o carnaval 3"... :)
Unknown said…
The opposite of choosing life is altruism: the moral doctrine that holds death as its moral standard. It holds sacrifice as the only good, and all things "selfish" as evil. ... other people because that is what he considers good, and die because of spinning reel

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