Little Nothings

Random Observations:

  • I got to witness firsthand the annual flying ant launch last night on my bike ride. They were everywhere. A weird experience, and fairly annoying, from a biking perspective anyways.
  • Grasshopper season was last week. Bees for a couple of weeks before that.
  • The sumac is taking on color. This is beautiful. Beautiful, bad news.
  • The French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers and Pugs at the dog park make the funniest noises when they get excited. Its all that nasal stuff crammed into such small spaces, I guess.
  • The weather has been scary nice for 5 days and the forecast calls for 4 more of the same. Scary.
  • I've dealt with Chat Support for ATT and Dell in the past two days and suffice it to say that I'm tired of over-courteous non-English speaking tech supporters. Both calls I ended up just saying "I'll figure it out myself." Who has time for that?
  • How come all I wanted was a laptop with internet and Word on it and now I'm tempted to wipe the functional laptop that is mine out with an OS install just because I don't know what the previous owner had on it. Does it matter what he had on it? If it's working, it probably doesn't matter, eh? I have an obsessive streak in me like my mother I guess. It's just proof again that we're never really satisfied now, are we?
  • Packers will go 11-5, Vikings 10-6, both in playoffs.
  • My fantasy football team will end up 9-7 and miss the playoffs.
  • Poetry is like trying to compress an entire story into less than 100 words. That's why every word matters.
  • I love this laptop, even if it has some unknown junk buried deep within it.
  • More soon, as I'm...blogging off.


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