Still going...

Well, I hit the 1000 mile mark today on my bike. (Picture at left shows 1005.1) That's double what I put on in a season, so is a decent accomplishment, at least for me. I expect to put on another 200 or so before it's over completely too. Some observations and statistics:

  • I average 14 MPH, so I figure the total number of hours in the saddle is 71.4

  • I killed 1 chipmunk

  • I had two bee incidents, one with a sting

  • I saw 3 deer in two encounters

  • I saw a mink and several cranes

  • One fly in the mouth (Ptew)

  • I did not get one flat tire

  • I only got rained on 3 times, one of them hard

  • Almost all miles were logged on the Glacial Drumlin Trail or on my work commute

So, it is done. It got to be a bit of a grind by Late Aug.; more mechanical in some ways, than enjoyable. But it again proved that I can do anything I put my mind to which is due in part to my self discipline, and part due to my obsessiveness. Thanks Mom!

My question now is what do I do for a follow-up next year? I'm thinking of sky diving or starting my quest to hike the entire length of the Ice Age trail. (1000+ miles). If this stupid mid-life thing would leave me alone, I wouldn't have to do anything. :-)

Stay tuned for the next Non-Celebrity challenge. For now I'm...blogging off.


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