Book Worm

Work has slowed to a crawl on my memoir. It was supposed to pick up over the summer as I took a break from my writing class at I was going to use the time to edit and recapitulate, and while I've done a bit, I still haven't paid it the time I had intended. In my defense, I've been just a wee bit busy with my travels, but still...

In my editorial process, I think I'm sharpening the piece up quite a bit. I'm adding content, shaving off the fat and the non-funny stuff (that I once thought was funny), and just improving it overall. It has been a learning experience for me. Because of what I learned in class, I've been looking at the work that's been done with a wholly different, more critical eye. I'm taking into account scene setting, description, dialogue and context a whole lot more than the first time through. It is all part of the creative process. Sometimes it feels like a drag, other times it feels like exactly what I need to sharpen the work.

Anyhow, I hope to keep chipping away at it during my "sabbatical" from class. I'm really getting a bit antsy about getting the thing completed, so hopefully that will drive me to keep working on it.

The hot, sultry, sweaty weather continues around her. It's raining cats and dogs at the moment. The Capitol Drive and Good Hope area of the freeway got 7" of rain in an hour, and the flooding is cranking up real good. We haven't had rain since last Fri., but we don't quite need it in these amounts when we get it. An all day drizzle would be preferred, esp. if you live in a low-lying area. I figure the raw sewage dump into Lake Michigan will clip well into the millions of gallons with this one. Great for the lake level; not so great for the biology of the lake.

Tornado warnings in Whitewater heading toward Kenosha County. All kinds of meteorologic fun today. I think I'm going to hover in my basement for the rest of the night.

It is my intent to post during our vacation in Colorado next week, complete with pictures, but there are no guarantees (it is vacation, after all!) If I don't, I will promptly upon my return.

Blogging off...


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