Walking Philosophy

On my walk to work today another inspiring song from Michael Franti came on my iPod. The song is named Life in the City and like many of his songs lately, it spoke to me when I was in the depths that I've tended to step into lately. I'm not sure if he's a Christian artist, but he seems to focus on the need to appreciate life everyday and always has an upbeat tone to his music. Another good one of his is Hey Hey Hey. That song is my lifeline right now. I need something upbeat like it everyday to get through.

In the past two days I've had two people reach out to me and talk about how I'm doing with my feelings about Rob. I call these kinds of peoples angels-on-earth. They just show up sometimes and ask how I'm doing and they genuinely care. Both had cancer take one of their loved ones, so could relate in that way. One even prayed with me which meant a lot. 

This is the kind of thing I talk about when I say that the journey I'm on is taking me to places and people that I never anticipated. I've experienced sadness and despair unlike I've ever felt before and I'm trying to figure out what that is doing to my character and my heart. Is it making me hard hearted (I think not) or is it softening it even more than it already is?  Is it setting me up for future tragedies and sorrows? (Yes I think it is). In any case, it's a strange trip I'm on, but I'm starting to understand the wheres and whys a bit more with every sad day.

So tomorrow I'm going to make the best of the day that was given to me. (That's always easier when it's a Friday.) Take nothing for granted. You can't save love up in the bank. Give it away. The returns are immediate.

I just came across a blog that sums up much of what I've been thinking lately. I urge you to read it, here's the link

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