Brevity for Brevity Sake

Another week is quickly slipping through my fingers. We had outstanding weather today, 65 degrees and sunny for most of the day. The shoe is about to drip however, with the coming cold front. I even heard the 'S' word for Saturday, although now that's been changed to just the 'R' word. Nonetheless, the nice weather makes life much more pleasant. I was so sick of winter. Not so much even the cold anymore, just the darkness. Once daylight savings kicked in I was like a new person.

I was thinking as I was walking to work today how lately there are days I'd like to just stay home and cry. I've never felt that emotional urge before, so it's pretty weird. Then, after I think about it a bit more, I realize that doing that would really accomplish nothing. It sure sounds good some days though. (Though crying is actually more work than work is.)

On a lighter note, and I'm in constant search of lighter notes these days, I found out my "official time" from the 5K this weekend was 24:19. I had figured it to be about 28:00 minutes, but evidently my math on figuring how long it took me to get up to the starting line was off by, oh, 4 minutes or so. (Me, bad at math, imagine that). I know it's trivial to anyone but me, but I could not figure how whenever I trained, I was running about 8 minute miles, and suddenly when I run in a race I'm running 9+ minute miles. It didn't make sense. Well, then I found the official timing site and set the record straight. A couple of other interesting tidbits about my time was I finished 30th overall and 5th out of 24 men in my age/sex class. Not bad for an old guy.

All of this has me jazzed up to run in another 5K next year, perhaps the ACS run again if Rob's Mob reconvenes in Madison. I swore I'd given up running, but there's something sickeningly alluring about it. I LOVE the comraderie of being around other runners. Pair this with always trying for a better time and well, I'm just a dumb jock sometimes.

The drafts for Rob's video are all wrapped up. He's got it narrowed down to two choices. Both are quite good and should be a good finish to the party on Sunday.

Blogging off...


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