Chicago in 12 hours

We did the Chicago power trip today as a family. We woke early at 5:00 AM and drove to Kenosha. Hopped on the Metra and an hour and a half later we were at Oglivie Transit station. From there we huffed it down to the West Egg Cafe for some breakfast. It was a phenomenal breakfast. I had the french toast which was made with raisin bread, and sausage on the side. I then ate the rest of Donna's scrambled eggs and some of Sarah's pancake. (Hey, walking built my appetite!)

From there we hiked another mile and a half or so down Michigan Ave, and back up again to the Art Institute. This was the high point, by far. We saw Impressionists, Modernists, Realists, Cubists, and even a few Artists. To see some of these paintings almost brought me to tears. A few of the more memorable ones were the Rembrandt portrait of a Man with Gold Chain, which was positively moving in it's detail. Another was Van Gogh's self portrait and his La Berceuse paiting of a woman. Salvador Dali's works were amazing.

I have nothing but complete respect and admiration for the talent of these masters. I can only think in two dimensions, these guys see in four. Their mastery of light, nuance, detail, color, subtlety, and shadow is mind numbing. I wish I had some of that artistic talent. Writing is one thing. Visual arts are a whole different sphere of the brain I think. One that I must have bumped playing football long ago.

After the museum we did Millenium Park and had a good time taking pictures by the bean. We finished up at Giordano's pizza and had some amazing deep dish.

It was a great day and I'm exhausted. Too exhausted to write anymore.

Blogging off...


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