From California to Paris in Three Days

I've been back from California for two days and am still suffering from a bit of jet lag. It doesn't help that it's a feels-like temperature of 105 or so. This kind of weather makes me wilt. I lose all ambition and everything becomes a chore. Luckily today was Sunday, so I didn't feel too bad taking it kind of easy.

San Diego was wonderful as usual. Lots of sun, 70's, and ocean breezes. It is the closest place to heaven that I can picture. I haven't been to Hawaii, but am guessing it would be even better.

Conferencing is exhausting. You're either on your feet, walking, sitting in uncomfortable chairs, eating rich unhealthy food, or networking day and night. I love/hate it for a number of reasons. I ALWAYS learn a ton at these things, way more than even a 3 day ESRI training class. At the same time, I am usually shot by Wednesday morning and want nothing more than to sleep for 14 hours. I wouldn't trade San Diego for anything though.

I went to Bastille Days with the kids today. Donna didn't want to fight the heat and crowds, so stayed home. It was nice to have some Q time with both of them alone. I missed them greatly in San Diego and had a good time eating crepes, begneits, and cheese curds with them. They are little adults now and get along so well at these kinds of festivals, which makes it better for everyone. Sarah had her little stash of money, so she shopped for jewelry and clothes while Ben and I people watched and tried to stay cool. The festival was bigger than I remember it, but still a lot of fun. My favorite festival for sure.

I taught Ben how to mow the yard yesterday. I figured he's 12 and it's time to show him the ropes. I figure I'll give him some money each time he mows and it'll allow him to earn a bit of cash. It was a rite of passage for him and me. I remember distinctly my brother Tom showing me how to use the Montgomery Wards mower in the back yard of Portland Ave. He showed me how to prevent cutting my toes off by keeping a safe distance from the blade. It was successful, as I still have all 10. I also remember hitting the top to a tin can that had been laying in the yard and it zinged off like a Frisbee and stuck in the neighbor's wood garage. It was like a Kung Fu star with no points, though just as harmful, I'm certain.

So with a little luck, I'll be spending more time doing other things and less cutting grass in the near future. And that's a good thing, so I'll be Blogging Off...


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