The Swelt of July

It seems there's a phenomenon known as a heat dome that is sitting over much of this great nation. It's resting on the country's mid section like a sumo wrestler in no hurry to go.

It could be worse, it could be February. People need to stop complaining about it and deal.

Heard that my brother got in the pool this past weekend. He had help from the family and got to sit on a raft for about an hour and enjoy his pool. Thank God for small miracles. When I saw the pictures, I was almost overwhelmed. I admire his (and his family's) willingness to try and get the most out of this time. He went fishing the day before and caught a couple bass. Another small blessing. Much of the family was there to witness the pool time as they celebrated the engagement of my nephew Nick.There are times I wish I was closer to home, and this was one of them. I guess we'll see him in a few weeks, but still...

Had to listen to the Women's World Cup Finals on ESPN radio on my laptop on Sunday. Felt like I was back in the 70's listening to the Viking home games that were blacked out because they were not sold out, a practice that I think still goes on today. It's interesting that my wife has a hard time visualizing football as described on the radio. For me it is easy, especially when a radio announcer says a team is going from "left to right." While that means nothing to anyone, it does to me. I can picture the field and which sideline the play is called to based on the announcer's description. In some strange ways I like it better than TV because I can be working on other things and still not miss any action.

Hopefully we'll have a full season and pre-season this year. The lockout talks are progressing supposedly, so it should happen. While I hate all the greed associated with the sport and the league, it would be devastating to have the season be shortened or shut-down altogether. It's one of the few things I watch on TV with any regularity. I can't wait!

Blogging off...


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