Socially Overworked

So things have ramped up again on the book promotion front. Don't ask me why, but these things come in waves, and my anxiety and sense of urgency waxes and wanes like the surf. When I first got my book deal, I could barely sleep all week. My mind was racing with all that I wanted to do and I had  a terrible time figuring out what to do first. Eventually, common sense and exhaustion set in and I came to my senses. I realized that what I really needed to do was to figure out what to do today. Not next week, not tomorrow, not in June, but today.

That worked for a few weeks, and I've been pretty good. I ratcheted things down a bit, got some business cards, updated my author site, and made some decent contacts to promotional people. I got on Twitter and Facebook, posted daily and got the word out.

Now, all of the sudden In a single week, I'm working on a book trailer, figuring out what the heck GoodReads is all about (still not sure) and loading up my shelf on Shelfari. Why? because people tell me that's what I need to do. Oh, I realize I need to do it to build my network and to make my book successful, but I think there's a little to be said for spreading yourself too thin. Like I said to a friend, I'm spending too much time on GoodReads that I have no time to read good books to put on GoodReads.

Then there are blog tours, blog interviews, book signings, Amazon ratings, Author networking and TV and Radio interviews.

As an example of my whack-a-mole approach to this insanity, while I was at my coffee "writing session" on Saturday, I came across another author who had signed up for AboutMe. And when I clicked on the link, it seemed like something I needed, so I signed up. It's really just a quick blurb about people that I think will turn up in google searches if there's nothing much else about you out there. Well, between all my social networking things, my blog and author page, I don't think AboutMe even comes up in the first 50 hits.

But I needed it. And it's free. And shiny.

Today I asked my wife about Pinterest, because I've heard it's another good way to connect with people. She dissuaded me from doing it saying it probably would not be the best use of time.

I wanted to kiss her.

Another one that I've seen is called Book Blogs. If I had a spare moment to figure out what that one is about, I'd be friggin' dangerous.

And so I'll continue to forge my way through the various channels in an attempt to make the New York Times Bestseller's list. (Ha!) I am fully aware that these are good problems to have. Very good. But I like to gripe about them anyways. That's what writers do best sometimes.

Lord knows with a little help, I might even get a page or two of book two written in my spare time.

Oops, gotta run and respond to this Facebook notification.

Blogging off...


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