The Force Is With Us

I might have been the last person alive to see the new Star Wars movie last night. I went with my son, Ben, as my wife is out of town with some friends for the weekend. I've wanted to see this movie since it came out three weeks ago, but I am one of those who hates to fight crowds, so waited until the hype was over with.

Let me start by saying the movie was utterly amazing. I had lots of apprehension going in about them "wrecking" the movie. At the same time, everyone I'd talked to said it was true to the story and I wouldn't be disappointed.

Always curious what others think of a movie, I came out of the theater and, before I could ask, Ben said "Dad, that was AWESOME." And it was. There were star ship battle scenes where I was riveted to my seat, gripping the armrest. Plus, they pulled in many of the old characters and kept true to the story and history of the series. Great graphics, soundtrack and plot twists too.

But the takeaway for me was being able to spend a night with my son. Just guys watching a great movie about good over evil. As our kids get older, I look for these opportunities more and more, as I know as they get older, these chances to connect will decrease. Sports events, movies, plays and outdoor activities are such great connection points for us, so I try and savor each and every one.

And so when my daughter came up to me this afternoon and asked "So, what did you think of the movie?" I stopped what I was doing to engage with her for fifteen minutes on what we thought of the characters, plot and future speculations. Again, these exchanges are rarer with each passing day, so I jump on them when I can and relish the dialog.

Part of our discussion focused on what we thought the next movie would bring. We kicked around ideas about the "change in the guard" of the characters, the potential relational hookups, and what we'd heard online about the speculation. I know it is stupid to look at a cultural event so insignificant as a movie as meaningful in a family relationship, but when it connects me to both of my kids, well, I guess the Force is with me.

I would recommend seeing it if you haven't.

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