Half Winter

I'm not sure exactly where we are in regards to the length of the winter season, but I'm going to call it the halfway point, for lack of a better gauge and not wanting to count days. Based on that declaration, I thought I'd give a quick assessment of how it's going - because you may recall an apprehensive post a few weeks ago about the coming cold and darkness.

In a nutshell, so far so good.

We have had a fair amount of rain recently and little to no snow. At this point, even the snow on the ground is almost all gone. This is a mixed blessing for me. I just happened to get new Cross Country Skis for Christmas so I would like a chance to use them. I joked when I got them that everyone could put away their snow blowers for the year. I was just joking, but so since that time all we've had is either rain or warm enough weather to melt it.

At the same time, I hate shoveling/snow blowing it, so I am okay with it not being here at all.

So it is a dilemma. Suffice it to say that I'll be totally okay with whatever happens from hereon out - snow or no snow.

Another reason I'm okay with the snow being gone is that it creates less problems for walking/driving.

Having said that, I have to admit that, yes, I fell yesterday. I know I shouldn't laugh because falls can be really bad - maybe even kill a guy. But whenever I fall, and it's usually once or twice a winter, I cannot but think of how funny it must be to the casual observer. Especially given my height.

Yesterday the sidewalks were all clear except for occasional patches of ice. Well, I took it easy over those patches and was almost to work when I went to change the song on my iPod and I hit a patch and went down in a heap. My hand hit pretty hard, but nothing else really was affected. My iPod went skittering away, and I got up as fast as I went down because I never want people to see me on my arse flailing about.

I think it was two years ago when I took a big time fall and messed up some tendons in my hand that didn't heal until spring. So, like I said, I know it's not a laughing matter, but I laugh when it happens anyway.

Today was slick too, but I was prepared and wore my Yak Trax. They look funny but so does a guy landing on his butt.

And so with my new found attitude, I'm just taking winter as a time to slow down a bit - to read more, write more and enjoy the good days (anything above 20 degrees) and tolerate the crappy ones (those 2 degree with -18 windchills.) Because, like my friend Paul said, there's not much I can do about it. Being pissed off about it doesn't help any.

So, let it snow. Or not. Don't care.

Blogging off...


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