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It seems like my writing life is busier than ever lately. It is all good, but I thought I would run down what is going on in part to help those who want to know and in part to help me keep it straight. Ha!

  • The Portland House continues to get good reviews. I love talking to people about it as many of them can relate to the big family thing. It is up to 12 reviews on Amazon, but I am always looking for more, so if you liked it, please let the world know.
  • Work continues on the next book about my high school experience in an all-male, Catholic, military high school in the late '70s. Again, lots of funny stories some of which make me shudder as a parent, but hey, it was a long time ago.
  • Yesterday I sent a book to WCCO radio in Minneapolis in hopes of getting an interview or maybe a plug. A friend of my mom liked the book so much that she sent a text to John Hines one of the radio hosts telling him about it. Figuring that was my lead, I sent him an inquiry. He made no promises, but told me to send him a book. It would be some great exposure.
  • I am also working on a chapbook about my father's life and death. It will be a collection of 25  poems or so. It is a challenging one to put together, but is therapeutic in many ways. More on this as it develops.
  • I have a tentative date for a book signing/reading at Mama D's in Wales. May 26th I will be reading from The Portland House and signing copies afterward. Mama D's is a cool coffee shop in Wales.
  • I had the privilege of having one of my blurbs being on the back cover of Paddle For A Purpose, a paddling adventure memoir by local author, Barbara Geiger. Check it out here.
  • I was also asked by my writing instructor Kathie Giorgio to provide a blurb for the back of her forthcoming book, Today's Moment Of Happiness Despite The News; A Year Of Spontaneous Essays. These blurbs are such an honor to be a part of. Plugging for peers and mentors is a small way of giving back.
  • Not much to report on my forthcoming poetry collection, On A Road. We're in the lull time between acceptance and publication. Still, I am very excited to have it coming out this fall. 
  • I have several pieces out for publication consideration, many of which I feel have a strong chance for publishing. Time will tell.
  • Tomorrow I will do my second poetry reading as Poet Laureate in front of the Village of Wales Board. I have a couple of my favorite poems, one by me, one by Richard Brautigan. It will be great fun. 
  • I have been asked by a friend to discuss her ideas about writing a memoir. I am no expert, but am humbled to be asked. I love talking about my experience to anyone interested in getting into writing.
Photo Credit: Ellen Enriquez

  • Dirty Shirt is up to 42 reviews on Amazon. Thanks to all who left a review!
  • A nonfiction piece and interview of me were both recently posted in Portage Magazine. Check them out Here
  • I have ten more ideas for books and poetry collections, none of which I can take on at this time, but this is a great problem to have.

So, life is good. I still feel like I'm living in a dream. I am incredibly fortunate to have this "second job" and am just happy to be able to share a little of myself with the world.

Blogging off...


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