Going Deeper at the Deep Valley Book Festival

With the pandemic still raging, us authors are still stuck with making our way as best we can. It used to be that if I released a book in November, the next 6 months would be filled with events and readings around Wisconsin and Minnesota. I miss those events more than I thought I would. I am energized by reading in front of a crowd, at least when it comes to my books. It will never be my favorite thing in the world, but as I've done it more and more, I've become much more comfortable doing it. After the readings, I enjoy talking to people about the book as I sign their copies and thank them for coming. It is exhausting but rewarding. The ambivert in me becomes all-extrovert during those two hours.
In lieu of these in-person events and book festivals, I am left to do the next best thing. A good example of this is coming up this weekend in the Deep Valley Book Festival - Cabin Fever Edition. This is a virtual book festival that is based in Mankato, Minnesota. It is a free event, so if you get a chance please check it out. There will be dozens of authors, most from the Midwest, so it's a good chance to attend some online panel discussions, a couple of successful Keynote authors and a few how-to seminars. 

Furthermore, there are some chances to win some books, including a copy of my memoir, Cretin Boy. The nice thing about these virtual events is you never have to leave the comfort of your home. (That's also the curse of the pandemic, but I digress.) 

So I'm including a couple of direct links below to sessions that I am a part of. I would love it if you could join me and the other authors to talk about books and the writing process. 

I hope to see you Saturday!

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